PondMaster Floating Pond Thermometer

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MPN: 02399

For use in all Outdoor Pond and Water Gardens. 

Thermometers are a much-needed accessory used in measuring the proper water temperature of your pond.

Readings on the Pondmaster Floating Pond Thermometer can be read in both deg. F and deg. C. While the scale is conveniently color-coded for easy reading of 3 different temperature zones in a simple glance. The integrated 6-foot-long tether line makes simple work of retrieving the thermometer for close reading or cleaning. 

The Pondmaster Floating Pond Thermometer is also a helpful tool for maintaining healthy aquatic plants or determining when to add pond care products and fish medications to your water.


• Monitor the Temperature in Your Water Feature
• Easily Read – Calibrated in Both ˚F and ˚C
• Included Tether Helps Retrieve Unit

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