OASE Vitronic 9 Watt UV Clarifier

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MPN: 45427

OASE Vitronic Ultraviolet clarifiers clean and clear pond water with a UVC band light. OASE Vitronic UVC clarifiers offer powerful standalone clarification that integrates with OASE BioSmart filters. These properly sized, clarifiers clean the green out of the water of any water feature. It comes with a quick release ballast that allows fast quartz sleeve maintenance and easy bulb changes. The clear tubing adapters and indicator light shows that the clarifier is working properly. The Vitronic 9 has a wattage/UVC of 9, hose sizes of 0.75”, 1”, 1.25” and 1.5” and a max flow of 500 GPH. It has a 10’ power cord, dimensions of 13”L x 5”W x 4”H and a pond volume of up to 2,500 gallons. It has a 2-year warranty.

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