Oase Bitron C 55 Watt UV Clarifier

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MPN: 56936

OASE Bitron C ultraviolet clarifiers clean and clear pond water with a UVC band light. OASE’s Bitron C UVC clarifier cleans the green out of water in either standalone configurations or integrated with OASE filters. The Bitron C clarifiers mount directly to OASE BioTec Screenmatic 2 and ProfiClear Premium filters. It come with a quick-release fastener for easy opening of the bulb housing. The safety switch deactivates the UVC bulb when the bulb housing is open to prevent eye injury. The inspection window allows visual inspection of the UVC bulb and the self-cleaning feature. The Bitron C 55 may be used with pumps with a 17' shut off or less. An adjustable flow control optimizes water flow through the UVC chamber and an automatic cleaning rotor is powered by the water flow, continuously gliding around the quartz glass tube preventing debris from setting on the quartz glass. The Bitron C 55 qualifies for the OASE Clean Water Guarantee when paired with the proper pump and filter. The Bitron C 55 has a hose size of 0.75”, 1”, 1.25”, 1.5’ and 2”. It has a max flow of 8,000 GPH, a 15’ power cord and dimensions of 24”L x 7”W x 7”H. It can has a pond volume of up to 18,000 gallons and a 2-year warranty. With the Clear Water Guarantee, the Bitron C 55 is compatible with the BioTech ScreenMatic2 18000 with the AquaMax Eco Premium 4000 and AquaMax Eco Classic 3600.

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