Oase AquaSkim Gravity

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OASE Skimmers pull debris off the surface of the pond before it can sink to the bottom. The OASE AquaSkim Gravity is designed to mount on the wall of recreational ponds. The AquaSkim Gravity connects directly to gravity-fed system intake. It keeps up to 430 sq. ft. of water surface clear of debris. It has a large, easy to clean basket with 48 oz. capacity and grip loop. The maximum water level variation of 43/4”. The AquaSkim Gravity has an inlet of 4” (DN 110), a minimum flow rate of 2,110 GPH and a maximum flow rate of 5,285 GPH. Its dimensions are 30.75”L x 23”W x 13.75”H and has a basket volume of 48 oz. The requirements include a 2” x DN 110 adapter that requires a 4” rubber coupling. It has a 5-year warranty.

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