Oase AquaMax Eco Premium 3500

Sale price$571.99


Synchronous electronic pumps are designed for in-pond applications where debris is delivered through the pump to a filtration system. Oase AquaMax Eco Premium is an energy efficient solids-handling pump with a second intake that can connect to an optional auxiliary intake or skimmer. Motor with Pulse 6 technology with patented Seasonal Flow Control (SFC) can be regulated by optional Oase Eco Control or Garden Cloud Controller. Environmental Function Control (EFC) shuts off the pump to protect it if is run dry or clogged, and an integrated grounding plate protects against stray current. Patented Seasonal Flow Control (SFC) slows flow and reduces wattage up to 50% as water temperatures drop. Pump can be used in-line by removing large-surface, wrap-around pre-filter and using mounting bracket to secure. Unique patented frost protection safeguards pump free from damage down to -4ºF so they can remain in place all winter long.

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