Atlantic Water Gardens Eco-Rise Plumbing Kit

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MPN: 90163

Atlantic’s Eco-Rise Diverter can split a single source into multiple adjustable outlets. Atlantic’s revolutionary Eco-Rise Diverter accepts 1.5” or 2” plumbing and provides 3 valved 1” outlets for ultimate flow control. It’s molded with true ball valves, the diverter can accommodate 1” Sch40 PVC. The economical diverter saves time, space and money over traditional manifolds. It’s designed to work seamlessly with newly redesigned Eco-Rise Systems including the PV7500 Pump Vault, 12” Eco-Rise and the Small Eco-Blox. The Eco-Rise Plumbing Kit includes the Eco-Rise Diverter, 25’ of 1” Flexible PVC Pipe and three 1.5” x 1” reducer bushings for connection to all Aura Vases and Hammered Brass Bowls. The ERKIT3 includes an Eco-Rise Diverter, 25’ of 1” Flexible PVC and (3) 1.5” x 1” Reducer Bushing.

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