Danner ProLine PRO1000 Waterfall Box

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ProLine Waterfall Boxes are perfect for creating the perfect waterfall. Featuring a sleek design and wider spillway, they are perfect for greater water aeration. ProLine Waterfall Boxes are designed to accommodate additional Mechanical or Biological Filter Media for super clean water.

• Extra-Wide Spillway for Greater Water Aeration

• Baffle Chamber for Even and Efficient Waterfall Flow Through the Filter Media

• Easily Buried In Ground To Hide Box from Sight

• Holds More Friendly Bacteria to Help Filtration

• Made of High Impact Polypropylene

• Extra Long Weir Lip for Stacking Stones in Front of Waterfall

• Pre-Bored to accommodate included fittings

• PRO1000 and 2000 includes stepped barbed fitting

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