Oase Water Quintet

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MPN: 50354

OASE Water Quintet include everything you need to create an enchanting water feature right out of the box. Water entertainment combines water and light for visual interest in the landscape. The Water Quintet features nine pre-programmed effects that vary both fountain height and light intensity. Each of the five individually adjustable nozzles projects a 0.25" jet illuminated by 6 warm white LEDs. The Water Quintet is a compact, easy to conceal external control system that features a remote with a range of up to 250 feet without obstruction and a robust floor plate that adapts to a wide variety of substrates and protects unit against damage. Additionally, it can be connected and synced up to 5 systems. Each Water Quintet system includes a 12 volt pump, nozzles with extensions, remote control, external control unit with weather resistant cover, ground stake, 120 volt outdoor transformer and cables. The Water Quintet can also be disassembled and unmounted from the floor plate to enter Creative Mode. Simply remove the cover and unscrew the pumps from the floor plate. The generous 22' cables allow each pump and nozzle assembly to be located remotely in any configuration you desire. Pumps may be set as deep as 11" below the surface of the water with included 4" extensions.

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