Atlantic Water Gardens TA3600

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Atlantic’s Diaphragm Air Pumps maintain maximum 0₂ levels in the summer and gas diffusion in the winter. Its easy to clean air filter reduces particulates for motor longevity. Diaphragm Air Pumps are the most cost efficient way to keep an area free of ice in the winter. Its aluminum housing radiates and reduces heat to extend the diaphragm’s life. It has replaceable diaphragms for an extended service life. Atlantic’s Diaphragm Air Pumps include a 0.75” insert fitting for most vinyl air tubing or use a stainless steel band clamp (not included) with 0.50” tubing over the outlet. The TA3600 has a 0.75” insert and 0.625” slip outlet, with a maximum pressure of 5psi and a maximum depth of 11’. It has a 6’ cord, dimensions fo 7.25”L x 7”W x 6.5”H and a 3-year limited warranty.

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