Atlantic Water Gardens OxyTex

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MPN: 51075

OASE’s OxyTex aeration systems maintain high oxygen levels in the summer and aid in gas diffusion in the winter. OASE’s OxyTex combines a high-efficiency pond diffuser with a high surface area filter medium. The OxyTex provides a unique combination of gas diffusion, water circulation and nutrient decomposition. It’s the ideal habitat for beneficial bacteria, the OxyTex improves filtration efficiency and contributes to a healthy pond environment. It supplements the ammonia and nitrite removal capabilities of the pond bacteria. it’s designed for use with the OASE AquaOxy 450. Its patented grass-like fiber structure blends perfectly into any pond. The OxyTex features a replaceable air stone for a long service life. The OxyTex includes a 16’ of 0.187” air hose, an air hose adapter for larger diffuser tubing, and a diffuser plate. The OxyTex has a maximum pressure of 5.8 psi, a maximum depth of 14’, and a maximum LPM of 16.6. It includes a tubing size of 0.187” x 16’, dimensions of 9”W x 12”H, and a 2-year warranty.

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