Atlantic Water Gardens Deep Water Diffuser

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Atlantic’s Air Diffusers distribute compressed air to the bottom of the body of water where gas exchange and circulation are needed most. Atlantic’s Air Diffusers feature a streamlined body design and innovative diffuser tubing that circulates water more efficiently. Extruded EPDM diffuser tubing is proven in industrial applications, offers tremendous longevity and resistance to fouling. Bubble sizes decrease as pressure rises; smaller bubbles maximize surface area for extremely efficient gas diffusion and circulation. They are easy to fill on-site with sand or gravel, Diffusers ship empty to save weight and freight. It has easily replaceable tubing and stainless steel hardware that extends usable service life of the Diffusers. The TPDDIF is a Deep Water Diffuser with a flow rate of 25-150 LPM, dimensions of 18”L x 16”W x 10.5”H and a 5-year warranty.

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