Atlantic Water Gardens AquaOxy 450

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AquaOxy 450 aeration systems maintain high oxygen levels in the summer and aid in gas diffusion in the winter. OASE’s AquaOxy 450 is a safe 12V air compressor with dual valved outlets for versatile, energy efficient air delivery to dual locations in the pond. The AquaOxy 450 is an all - in - one aeration system that includes silicone tubing, 2 weighted tubings and high volume air stones. Its stainless steel regulating valves allow for easy air adjustment to the air stones. The AquaOxy 450 is a durable, weatherproof UV stabilized housing that dampens noise for a quiet operation. The AquaOxy 450 is designed to supplement aeration in OASE filters and has a output pressure of 3.6 psi. It includes two air stones, a 16’ silicone air hose and a 120V outdoor transformer. The AquaOxy 450 has a maximum depth of 7’, a maximum LPM of 28.3 and a pond volume of 5,000 gallons. It has a 15’ cord, (2) tubing sized at 0.187” x 16’, dimensions of 9”L x 9”W x 5”H and a 2-year warranty.

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