PondMaster CG16000 Clearguard Pressurized Pond Filter

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MPN: 05640

PONDMASTER CLEARGUARD PRESSURIZED POND FILTER keeps your pond fresh and clean with dual-action biological and mechanical filtration. Clearguard's unique design filters with beneficial bacteria using bio-media while at the same time, mechanically polishing water with a reusable filter pad. This system can be added to any pond and will effectively lower ammonia and nitrite levels in the water. With the available UV Clarifier installed, Clearguard controls green water in the pond while its multi-function valve selector easily clicks into place for convenient filtering, backwashing, rinsing and winterizing.


• 7 Functions: Filter, Backwash, Rinse, Winterize, Empty, Circulate and Close

• Reusable Foam Pad Removes Fine Debris and Polishes Water Quickly

• Combination of Biological & Mechanical Media for Maximum Water Clarity and Healthier Ponds

• Available With or Without UV Clarifier

• Separate UV Clarifiers are offered in 9W, 18W and 36W sizes and can be used for Replacement and Upgrading

• Comes in 2700, 5500, 8000 and 16000 Gallon Sizes

• Includes both PVC Slip Fittings and ABS Barbed Fittings

• Optional Clearguard Backwash Air Kit Available for Ultimate Performance

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